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Centrifugally cast pole and method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8567155.

Herein disclosed is a centrifugally cast pole having a substantially uniform wall thickness along the long axis of the pole. During centrifugal casting, molten metal is poured inside a rotating, tapered mold. As chilled liquid is poured over the outside of the rotating mold, the metal forms, or paints, to the contour of the mold interior creating a metal pole. By precisely controlling casting gyrations such as the spin, travel, pitch, and yaw of the rotating mold and the calibration and physical mechanisms of the casting machine, hollow, tapered, tubular metal poles are produced with previously unknown uniformity of wall thickness. The controlling principles, designs, and mechanisms of this centrifugal casting method enable wall uniformity to extremely high tolerances. By extension, the ability to precisely control the metal volume painted inside the mold allows, as a design choice, wall thickness variation in any embodiment if so desired.

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