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Plasma-dome article of manufacture

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8513887.

A plasma-dome plasma display panel (PDP) comprising a multiplicity of pixels or sub-pixels, each pixel or sub-pixel being defined by a hollow plasma-dome filled with an ionizable gas. Each plasma-dome has a flat side and an opposite domed side. One or more other sides or edges may also be flat. Two or more electrodes are in electrical contact with each plasma-dome. A flat or domed side of the plasma-dome shell is in contact with a substrate. The PDP may also include inorganic and organic luminescent materials that are excited by the gas discharge within each plasma-dome. The luminescent material may be located on an exterior and/or interior surface of the plasma-dome and/or incorporated into the shell of the plasma-dome. The plasma-dome may be made of a luminescent material. Up-conversion and down-conversion materials may be used. The substrate may be rigid or flexible with a flat, curved, or irregular surface.

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