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Flood flaps vent for sealed crawlspace

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8511938.

A flood flaps vent for sealing a building crawlspace includes: (a) a vent box portion including open opposite front and rear ends on either end of a vent passageway, the vent box including a top box portion with at least one flap slot adjacent a rear end portion of the vent box, and an opposite bottom box portion; (b) at least one flexible flood flap extending across the open rear end portion, with its upper edge seated in the flap slot, other side flap edges of the flood flap being unattached; and (c) a grate portion over the open front end portion of the vent box; the flood flap occluding the rear end portion of the vent box when it is in an at rest, home position. This simplified abstract is not intended to limit, and should not be interpreted as limiting, the scope of the claims.

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