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Electrical connector with shielded recessed portions

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8491337.

An electrical connector includes: an insulating body, having a plurality of terminal slots formed through the insulating body; a plurality of terminals, each correspondingly received in each terminal slot; and at least one recessed portion, recessed on the insulating body and located between at least two terminals, and plated with a metal shielding layer. As the recessed portion is recessed between at least two terminals, the air medium capacity can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the recessed portion, so as to adjust the characteristic impedance between the adjacent terminals to a desired value, thereby improving the high-frequency performance of the electrical connector. Furthermore, the recessed portion is plated with the metal shielding layer, so that the terminals are shielded and prevented from getting in contact with the metal shielding layer, thus avoiding the problem of short circuit.

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