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Accelerated cable modem restart service

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8489717.

A system for the accelerated re-provisioning of data over cable service interface specification (DOCSIS) configuration files between a DOCSIS provisioning server and a plurality of network nodes that are configured according to the DOCSIS configuration files is provided. The system includes: a memory; and a caching entity configured to monitor transmissions from the provisioning server of the configuration files to the network nodes so as to both store the configurations files in the memory and to pass-through the configuration files to the network nodes; the caching entity being further configured to monitor requests to the provisioning server for respective ones of the DOCSIS configuration files from the network nodes, the caching entity being further configured to determine for each of the requests whether the requested configuration file has been previously requested node such that if the caching entity determines that the requested configuration file has been previously requested the caching entity retrieves the previously requested configuration file from the memory and returns the retrieved-from-memory configuration file to the network node.

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