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Semiconductor laser

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8488637.

A semiconductor laser includes a light emission end facet; a first optical waveguide extending in a predetermined optical-axis direction, the first optical waveguide being optically coupled to the light emission end facet; a ring resonator having a plurality of periodic transmittance peak wavelengths, the ring resonator being optically coupled to the first optical waveguide; a plurality of gain waveguides that generate light by injection of current; an optical coupler portion that optically couples the first optical waveguide to each of the plurality of gain waveguides; and a plurality of second optical waveguides including diffraction gratings, the plurality of second optical waveguides being respectively optically coupled to the plurality of gain waveguides. Also, each of the diffraction gratings in the plurality of second optical waveguides has a different reflection band.

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