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Diverter for sorter and method of diverting

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8469177.

A positive displacement sorter and method of diverting articles includes providing a plurality of interconnected parallel slats defining an endless web that travels in a longitudinal direction, an upper surface of which defines an article-conveying surface and a plurality of pusher shoes. Each of the shoes travels along at least one of the slats in order to laterally divert articles on the conveying surface. Each of the shoes has a diverting member extending below the conveying surface. A plurality of diverting rails below the conveying surface are each capable of engaging the diverting member to cause the associated shoe to travel laterally to divert an article. A plurality of diverters are provided for selectively diverting at least one of the diverting members from a non-diverting path extending longitudinally along the sorter to one of said diverting rails in a diverting state. At least one of the diverters has a gate having a diverting surface. The gate is selectively moveable between the diverting state and a non-diverting state. An actuator moves the gate between the non-diverting state and the diverting state. The actuator may include a rotary actuator having a generally horizontal axis of rotation. An electronic divert control may be provided to apply an activation control signal to the actuator to move the gate between one of the states and the other of the states. The control monitors movement of the gate and adjusts the activation control signal as a function of the movement of the gate.

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