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Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8448816.

The invention relates to a container haying a nozzle or opening (11), containing a roll of wipes, for dispensation in a direction parallel to the axis of the roll through the nozzle or opening of the container. The wipes (1) are formed from a continuous length of material (2) with parallel side edges (2A,2B) having a leading end (3A) and a `trailing end (3B). The rupturable lines (4) extend from a point (5A) on one first side edge (2A) to a point (5B) on the second side edge (2B). Each rupturable line is more easily ruptured adjacent the second side edge than the first side edge. The wipes are arranged such that said point on the first side edge of the rupturable line emerges from the nozzle or opening before said point on the second side edge.

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