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Semiconductor memory device having memory block configuration

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8446765.

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate having first and second edge lines, address pads along the first edge line, and memory mats, each including normal memory blocks and a spare memory block. Each normal memory block has nonvolatile memory cells and is a unit of batch erase. The memory mats are arranged in a U-shaped area having a hollow portion facing the second edge line. The device includes column decoders arranged correspondingly to the memory mats, an analog/logic circuit arranged in the hollow portion, and a power supply pad arranged between the analog/logic circuit and the second edge line. The analog/logic circuit includes a charge pump circuit. The device further includes a first power supply interconnection supplying power supply voltage to the charge pump circuit from the power supply pad, and a second power supply interconnection supplying power supply voltage to the column decoder from the power supply pad.

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