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Optical communication device

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8445832.

An optical communication device which can be operated at high speed is provided. For example, the optical communication device includes: a pre-amplifier circuit PREAMP1 amplifying a current signal Iin from a photodiode PD, and converting an amplified signal into a voltage signal; and an operating-point controller circuit VTCTL1 controlling an operation of the PREAMP1. The PREAMP1 includes a negative feedback path formed by a feedback resistance Rf1, and includes: a level-shift circuit LS1 level-shifting in accordance with an operating-point control signal Vcon; and an amplifier circuit AMP1 connected to a subsequent stage of the LS1 and performing an amplifying operation with a high gain. The VTCTL1 includes a replica circuit configured by the same circuit and circuit parameter as those of the AMP1 and electrically connected between the input and the output, and generates the Vcon so that an output DC level of this replica circuit is matched with an input DC level of the AMP1.

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