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Inkjet recording apparatus

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8419162.

An inkjet recording apparatus includes: (a) a recording head; (b) a cap movable along a movement path between an extracted position and a retracted position, such that the cap covers a nozzle-opening surface of the recording head, when being positioned in the extracted position, and such that cap is located in an adjacent space adjacent to the recording head without covering the nozzle-opening surface, when being positioned in the retracted position; (c) a guide movable between a closing position and an opening position. The guide guides the recording sheet to be conveyed through a sheet conveyance space, and closes the movement path of the cap, when being positioned in the closing position. The guide opens the movement path of the cap, when being positioned in the opening position. The guide is positioned in the opening position when the cap is moved between the extracted and retracted positions, and is positioned in the closing position when the cap is positioned in the retracted position.

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