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Garment with a pocket system for an electronic device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8402562.

A garment comprises a body portion formed from a first, body panel. The body portion has an exterior and an interior, a neck opening, a waist opening and two arm openings. The garment includes a pocket system having an interior pocket formed by a portion of the first, body panel and a second, middle panel attached to the interior of the first body panel. The interior pocket has an opening on the interior of the garment. The pocket system includes an exterior pocket formed by at least a portion of the second, middle panel and a third, innermost panel. The second and third panels have opposed edges attached to the first, body panel. The exterior pocket has an access opening on the exterior of the garment. An electronic connection from an electronic device can be made through an opening when the electronic device is placed inside the exterior pocket.

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