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Haptic response apparatus for an electronic device

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8395587.

A user input for an electronic device includes a haptic feedback layer (100) and a touch sensitive user interface (200). The haptic feedback layer (100) provides a tactile response to a user when the user actuates a user actuation target (301) on the touch sensitive user interface (200) to simulate a popple-style button. The haptic feedback layer (100) includes a chassis (101) and a plurality of oppositely facing, interlaced cantilever beams (105,106) emanating therefrom, further separated by a support beam (113), and spanning at least a portion of the haptic feedback layer (100). One or more piezoelectric actuators (119) are coupled to the cantilever beams and are responsive to a controller (201). When the controller detects user actuation of the touch sensitive user interface (200), the controller (201) causes at least one of the piezoelectric actuators to actuate in accordance with an actuation signal.

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