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Shift control of automatic transmission

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8386139.

A subtransmission mechanism 30 comprises a Ravigneaux planetary gear mechanism 31, a Low brake 32 and a High clutch 33, shifts between a first speed gear position in which the Low brake 32 is engaged whereas the High clutch 33 is disengaged and a second speed gear position in which the Low brake 32 is disengaged and the High clutch 33 is engaged. A minute slip is caused at the Low brake 32 and then terminated by engaging the High clutch 33. A value representing the engaging state variation such as an engaging time period and/or an engaging speed of the High clutch 33 is learned and the pressure of oil supplied during the engaging operation of the High clutch 33 is corrected based upon the learned value, thereby assuring a smooth shift operation by compensating for any inconsistency in the torque transmission characteristics of the High clutch 33.

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