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Circuit breaker switching control system

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8385038.

The system of the invention includes a circuit breaker switching control section (100) and a setting control section (700) connected therewith through a communication network (500). The circuit breaker switching control section (100) transmits a circuit breaker state quantity acquired by a signal input section (120) through the communication network to a set value calculation section (740) of the setting control section (700). The set value calculation section (740) of the setting control section calculates a set value to be set in the switching control section (100) of the circuit breaker, using the state quantity of the circuit breaker that was transmitted thereto. The setting control section (700) transmits to the circuit breaker switching control section the set value calculated by the set value calculation section (730) through the communication network. A switching control calculation processing section (140) provided in the switching control section of the circuit breaker corrects the circuit breaker switching actuation time in accordance with this set value and calculates a delay time in respect of the zero-cross point in accordance with this corrected switching actuation time and power system period.

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