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Cartographic display of content through dynamic, interactive user interface elements

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #8368722.

An interactive user interface element makes content (e.g., images, news, standard indexed Web content) available to a user of online map services (e.g., virtual globe program). In some implementations, when zoomed out on a feature displayed in map imagery (e.g., virtual globe imagery), the user sees a non-interactive user interface element (e.g., a feature label). As the user expresses greater interest in the feature by, for example, flying ("zooming") toward the feature, the non-interactive user interface element is replaced by (or morphs into) an interactive user interface element (e.g., a feature label including a clickable icon). In some implementations, a user's interaction with the interactive user interface element (or navigation actions in the imagery) launches a content access portal (e.g., a balloon) for presenting content (e.g., text, digital photos, video, audio) and/or providing access (e.g., links) to related content.

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