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Method and system for a platform level data model and messages for transferring SMBIOS structures and data

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8352722.

A platform may comprise a management controller (MC) and a BIOS that may store SMBIOS information that may comprise metadata. SMBIOS information may be stored in the SMBIOS structure table. SMBIOS information may be transferred to the MC and may be communicated from the MC to an entity external to the platform. The BIOS may be inaccessible to the external entity. The MC may communicate with the external entity when the platform is powered ON or OFF. SMBIOS information may be transferred between the BIOS and the MC via a communication link. The MC and/or the BIOS may determine whether SMBIOS information from the MC is up-to-date. SMBIOS information may be copied from the BIOS to the MC if not up-to-date. SMBIOS information may be transferred via SMBIOS messages based on structure type, instance ID and/or handle.

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