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Method and a module for re-generating ATSC-MH broadcasting signal, an ATSC-MH broadcast receiver, and a storage medium

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8351416.

The present invention relates to a re-generating method and module for an ATSC-MH broadcasting signal, an ATSC-MH broadcast receiver, and a storage medium. The ATSC-MH broadcast receiver includes: a main stream data generating module for receiving an ATSC-MH RF signal, and outputting main stream data including MHE packets; an ATSC-MH broadcasting signal re-generating module for extracting the MHE packets from the main stream data generated by the main stream data generating module, thereby re-configuring data of MPH Group format after data interleaver; and a mobile stream generating module for outputting the mobile stream data from the interleaved MPH group format data re-configured by the ATSC-MH broadcasting signal re-generating module.

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