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Manufacturing process of a power electronic device integrated in a semiconductor substrate with wide band gap and electronic device thus obtained

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8344449.

An embodiment of a process for manufacturing an electronic device on a semiconductor body of a material with wide forbidden bandgap having a first conductivity type. The process comprises the steps of: forming, on the semiconductor body, a first mask having a first window and a second window above a first surface portion and a second surface portion of the semiconductor body; forming, within the first and second surface portions of the semiconductor body underneath the first and second windows, at least one first conductive region and one second conductive region having a second conductivity type, the first conductive region and the second conductive region facing one another; forming a second mask on the semiconductor body, the second mask having a plurality of windows above surface portions of the first conductive region and the second conductive region; forming, within the first conductive region and the second conductive region and underneath the plurality of windows, a plurality of third conductive regions having the first conductivity type; removing completely the first and second masks; performing an activation thermal process of the first, second, and third conductive regions at a high temperature; and forming body and source regions.

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