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Process and apparatus for manufacturing a reinforcing structure for tyres of vehicles

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8342220.

In tire manufacture, a belt structure is made by means of strip-like segments each including parallel cords incorporated into an elastomeric layer, which strip-like segments are sequentially laid down in mutual circumferential side by side relationship on a toroidal support. The apparatus for manufacturing such a reinforcing structure for vehicle tires includes: a feeding unit to supply strip-like elements, each including threadlike elements disposed parallel to each other and at least partly coated with at least one layer of elastomeric material; a laying unit including at least one laying assembly to apply each of said strip-like elements onto a toroidal support according to a predetermined laying angle relative to a circumferential extension direction of the toroidal support itself, the laying unit including at least one presser element movable in contrast relationship against the outer surface of the toroidal support and at least one guide element to keep the strip-like element centered and guide it during laying of same, wherein the guide element includes at least one cavity in which the presser element is at least partly housed during laying of said strip-like element.

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