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Magnetic head with wide sensor back edge, low resistance, and high signal to-noise ratio and methods of production thereof

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8339752.

In one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a magnetoresistive free layer, wherein a width of the free layer nearest an air bearing surface (ABS) is less than a width of the free layer at a point away from the ABS in a track width direction, with the magnetic head being configured to pass a sense current in a direction perpendicular to a plane of deposition of the free layer. In another embodiment, a method includes forming a magnetoresistive film above a shield, forming a masking layer above the magnetoresistive film, patterning the masking layer such that it exposes portions of the magnetoresistive film, wherein the masking layer defines an area which is narrow near an area that forms an ABS side of a free layer and wider at an area away from the ABS, and removing the exposed portions of the magnetoresistive film to form the free layer.

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