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Fixed buffer real-time image compression technique

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8331709.

Performing real-time compression on an image for target buffer fullness includes dividing the image into N macro-blocks, performing a discrete cosine transformation (DCT) on each of the N macro-blocks, defining a Quantization Parameter Scalar (Q) for each of the N macro-blocks of the image on the DCT being performed, initializing the Quantization Parameter Scalar (Q) for the first Macro-block to a value that correlates to a buffer fullness of a previously compressed image, and monitoring the buffer fullness by comparing the buffer fullness with the target buffer fullness. The N macro-blocks include 16.times.16 macro-blocks. The Q value is increased to a first new value when the buffer fullness is greater than the target buffer fullness. The Q value is decreased to a second new value when the buffer fullness is less than the target buffer fullness.

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