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Continuous casting machine for forming a lead alloy strip of large thickness

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8322399.

Continuous casting machine for forming a lead alloy strip of large thickness; which comprises a cooled rotating drum (4) having an annular seat (8) formed on the periphery thereof and a vat (10) for containing a molten lead bath, which is sealingly engaged on the peripheral surface (7) of the rotating drum (4). The machine (1) also comprises a fixed shoe (11) extending, from the vat (10), along an arc (25) around the rotating drum (4) and having an arc shape suitable for sealing engagement, in a sliding relationship, on the shoulders (90) of the annular seat (8). Heating means (26) are provided, these consisting of a plurality of torches acting on the shoe (11) along at least an initial section thereof (25) which extends from the vat (10), for heating to a temperature higher than the melting temperature of the lead alloy the free surface of the lead inside the annular seat (8). The bottom (9) of the annular seat (8) is knurled, while the inner surface (13) of the shoe (11) which slides on the lead is smooth and kept at a high temperature by the heating means (26). As a result of these characteristic features, the rotating drum (4) is able to transport in a rotationally integral manner the lead from a first angular position where it is inserted in the molten state inside the annular seat of the rotating drum (8) to a following angular position where it is extracted in the form of a continuous strip.

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