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Devices and methods for treatment of heart failure and associated conditions

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8321024.

Devices and methods of use identification, treatment, and/or management of heart failure and/or associated conditions. Methods may include providing a baroreflex therapy system including a blood pressure sensor and a heart rate sensor, providing an implantable measurement device proximate a blood vessel of a patient, the implantable measurement device including an electrode, providing a control system coupled to the baroreflex therapy system and the implantable measurement device, the control system programmed to automatically determine an impedance of the blood vessel with the implantable measurement device over a time period of at least one cardiac cycle, determine arterial stiffness of the blood vessel based on the impedance, determine blood pressure and heart rate, and activate, deactivate or otherwise modulate the baroreflex therapy system to deliver a baroreflex therapy based on the blood pressure, heart rate and arterial stiffness.

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