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Low clearance machined part mating system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8307528.

A device, system, and method for generating low clearance slidably mated parts. In an exemplary embodiment, the system includes a measurement device having a non-contact micrometer capable of coincidentally indicating opposing edge data, rotational and linear air bearing slides, and a holding device. The non-contact micrometer allows for measurement of a plurality of parameters of a first part including the diameter and the difference between an edge of the first part and a reference point. The coincidental measurements are used to determine the size and geometric errors associated with the first part after suitable error elimination. In an exemplary system, a processing machine may be instructed by the measurement device to remove material from a second part so that the first part and the second part when mated together have a very low clearance tolerance level, e.g., as little as 0.00005 inches or less.

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