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Synchronizing frequency and phase of multiple variable frequency power converters

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8279645.

In an embodiment, a power converter system includes a plurality of variable frequency power converters and a plurality of synchronization circuits. Each variable frequency power converter has a switching frequency. Each synchronization circuit is associated with a respective one of the plurality of variable frequency power converters. A control circuit is coupled to and coordinates the plurality of synchronization circuits. The plurality of synchronization circuits and the control circuit are operable to synchronize the switching frequencies of the variable frequency power converters to each other. Each synchronization circuit is operable to: receive a first input signal indicative of the beginning of a switching period for the associated variable frequency power converter; receive a second input signal indicative of the end of the switching period for the associated variable frequency power converter; generate a first output signal for directing a pulse width modulation of the associated variable frequency power converter; and generate a second output signal for coordinating a phase relationship with another variable frequency power converter in the system.

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