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Method and system for vision-based interaction in a virtual environment

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8259109.

Method, computer program and system for tracking movement of a subject. The method includes receiving data from a distributed network of camera sensors employing one or more emitted light sources associated with one or more of the one or more camera sensors to generate a volumetric three-dimensional representation of the subject, identifying a plurality of clusters within the volumetric three-dimensional representation that correspond to motion features indicative of movement of the motion features of the subject, presenting one or more objects on one or more three dimensional display screens, and using the plurality of fixed position sensors to track motion of the motion features of the subject and track manipulation of the motion features of the volumetric three-dimensional representation to determine interaction of one or more of the motion features of the subject and one or more of the one or more objects on the three dimensional display.

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