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Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having capacitor under bit line structure

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8247304.

Provided is a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a capacitor under bit line (CUB) structure capable of increasing a gap between a bit line in a cell area and an upper plate of a capacitor, reducing coupling capacitance therebetween, and forming deep contacts in a logic area. A capacitor including a lower electrode, a dielectric material layer, and an upper electrode is formed in an opening of a first insulating layer for exposing a first part of a semiconductor substrate in a cell area. A second insulating layer is formed on the first insulating layer. The first and second insulating layers are etched. First and second contact plugs are formed in first and second contact holes for exposing second and third parts in the cell area and the logic area. A third insulating layer including first through third conductive studs is formed on the second insulating layer. A fourth insulating layer including a bit line and first and second wires contacted with the first through third conductive studs is formed.

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