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Semiconductor device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8227856.

Provided is an ESD protection element, in which: LOCOS oxide films are formed at both ends of a gate electrode, and a conductivity type of a diffusion layer formed below one of the LOCOS oxide films which is not located on a drain side is set to a p-type, to thereby limit an amount of a current flowing in a portion below a source-side n-type high concentration diffusion layer, the current being generated due to surface breakdown of a drain. With this structure, even in a case of protecting a high withstanding voltage element, it is possible to easily satisfy a function required for the ESD protection element, the function of being constantly in an off-state during a steady state, while operating, upon application of a surge or noise to a semiconductor device, so as not to reach a breakage of an internal element, discharging a generated large current, and then returning to the off-state again.

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