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Halogen and plasticizer free permeable laminate

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #8216660.

The invention provides breathable laminated articles, preferably free from harmful halogens and plasticizers, which can be constructed and arranged to be usable for any application, such as wallcoverings, where breathability and being free from harmful halogens and/or plasticizers is advantageous. For example, the breathable laminated article can be made from a non-woven, breathable backing layer of material, the backing layer having a plurality of microprojections on a first side, coupled along the first side to a top layer, where the top layer may or may not be breathable, to form an assembly. This assembly has at least one variation formed in the level of the surface of the first side of the first layer, wherein the variation in level is formed such that the microprojections penetrate at least a portion of the top layer to form microapertures that improve the breathability of the top layer. In another example, the breathable laminated article can be made from a non-woven, breathable backing layer laminated to a breathable, essentially halogen free, and essentially plasticizer free top layer. Optionally, the top layer can be have at least one variation in level formed on its top surface, such as by embossing. In addition, a layer of printing optionally can be disposed between the backing and top layers.

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