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Internal combustion engine and working cycle

Image Number 22 for United States Patent #8215292.

Method of operating an internal combustion engine, including, at least, compressing and cooling air outside an engine chamber, supplying cooled, pressurized air to an intake port associated with the chamber, and, during each engine cycle: opening the intake port, allowing cooled, pressurized air to flow through the intake port and into the chamber during at least a portion of the intake stroke; maintaining open the intake port during the portion of the intake stroke and beyond the end of the intake stroke and into the compression stroke and during a majority portion of the compression stroke; closing the intake port at a point during travel of the piston to capture in the chamber a cooled compressed charge of the cooled, pressurized air; controllably delivering fuel into the chamber after the cooled compressed charge is captured within the chamber; and igniting a fuel and air mixture within the chamber.

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