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System and method for subunit operations in a database

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8209699.

A method for processing a transaction request at a database load balancer is disclosed. The method comprises receiving the transaction request, where the transaction request is comprised of one or more operations to be performed upon a database; analyzing the transaction request to determine the one or more operations; analyzing the transaction to determine one or more database units associated with the operations; analyzing the transaction requests and the one or more database units to determine one or more database subunits associated with the database units that the transaction request will perform one or more operations upon; associating one or more database locks with each of the one or more operations; analyzing one or more of the database locks to determine one or more sequence numbers associated with each of the one or more operations; and transmitting one or more unique identifiers for each of the database subunits, the one or more operations with the associated database locks and the sequence numbers to one or more database servers accessible to the database load balancer. Systems, apparatus and computer programming associated with or implementing the method are also disclosed.

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