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Shock absorber with pressure-controlled damping

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8205730.

A damper (400) including a pressure-sensitive damping control circuit that selectively permits fluid flow from a first chamber (406a) to a second chamber (448). A piston (410) is supported for reciprocation to vary a volume of the first chamber. A blow-off piston (429) is movable between a closed position, wherein fluid flow through the control circuit is substantially prevented, and an open position, wherein fluid flow through the control circuit is permitted. The damper also includes a first source of pressure. A fluid pressure created by compression of the damper applies an opening force to the blow-off piston tending to move the blow-off piston in a direction toward the open position against a resistance force provided by the first source of pressure. The resistance force is greater than the opening force until the pressure created by forces tending to insert the piston rod into the first fluid chamber exceeds the pressure in the first source of pressure by a predetermined amount.

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