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Vehicular seat assembly and vehicles including same

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8196990.

A vehicle includes a body structure and a rear vehicular seat assembly that includes a seat back and a cover panel. The seat back is movably coupled with the body structure and is movable between upright and cargo support positions. The cover panel is associated with the seat back and includes a flap, a base portion, and a perforated living hinge. The base portion is fixedly coupled with the body structure. The perforated living hinge includes a plurality of arms. Each arm of the plurality of arms extends between the flap and the base portion to facilitate pivoting of the flap with respect to the base portion about a hinge axis between stowed and bridging positions. The plurality of arms are spaced from each other and cooperate to at least partially define a plurality of perforations. At least one of the perforations is intersected by the hinge axis.

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