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Method for forming tungsten film at a surface of a processing target material, film-forming apparatus, storage medium and semiconductor device with a tungsten film

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8168539.

A tungsten film with a lower specific resistance and a lower fluorine concentration over its boundary with the base barrier layer, which adheres to the barrier layer with a high level of reliability, compared to tungsten films formed through methods in the related art, is formed. The tungsten film is formed through a process in which a silicon-containing gas is delivered to a wafer M placed within a processing container 14 and a process executed after the silicon-containing gas supply process, in which a first tungsten film 70 is formed by alternately executing multiple times, a tungsten-containing gas supply step for supplying a tungsten-containing gas and a hydrogen compound gas supply step for supplying a hydrogen compound gas with no silicon content with a purge step in which an inert gas is supplied into the processing container and/or an evacuation step for evacuating the processing container executed between the tungsten-containing gas supply step and the hydrogen compound gas supply step.

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