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Recording medium, method for manufacturing same, and inkjet recording method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8153210.

A recording medium in which a base paper, a first layer including a binder and an antistatic agent, and a second layer including a white pigment are formed in this order; the content of the antistatic agent is from 0.2% by mass to 10% by mass based on an amount obtained by removing the antistatic agent from all solids in the first layer; the Cobb water absorption degree within a contact time of 120 sec at a surface of the first layer of the base paper provided with the first layer is 2.0 g/m.sup.2 or less, and the surface resistivity at 50% RH and C. on the surface is 1.times.10.sup.12.OMEGA. or less; and the water absorption amount within a contact time of 0.5 sec determined by a Bristow test at a surface of the second layer is from 2 mL/m.sup.2 to 8 mL/m.sup.2.

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