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Memory card, nonvolatile memory, controller, and method for managing writing errors for nonvolatile memories

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8151144.

The invention provides a method for managing writing errors for a nonvolatile memory. In one embodiment, the nonvolatile memory is coupled to a controller. First, data received from the controller is stored in a data register of the nonvolatile memory. The data stored in the data register is then written to a first memory space with a first write address according to instructions from the controller. The data stored in the data register is kept from being changed after the data is written to the first write address. When an error occurs in writing of the data to the first memory space, a rewrite command is sent from the controller to the nonvolatile memory. After the nonvolatile memory receives the rewrite command, the data stored in the data register is written to a second memory space with a second write address according to the rewrite command.

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