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PWM clock generation system and method to improve transient response of a voltage regulator

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8148967.

A pulse control clock generator for a voltage regulator including a comparator, a window circuit, a filter circuit, a ramp circuit, and a current circuit. The comparator compares a ramp voltage with a compensation voltage and provides a corresponding pulse control signal. The compensation voltage is indicative of output voltage error. The window circuit adds a window voltage to the compensation voltage to provide a hysteretic voltage. The filter circuit filters the hysteretic voltage to provide a filtered hysteretic voltage, such that a difference between the compensation voltage and the filtered hysteretic voltage is reduced in response to a load increase. The ramp circuit provides a repetitive ramp voltage which ramps between the filtered hysteretic voltage and the compensation voltage based on the pulse control signal. The current circuit increases a slope of the ramp voltage in response to the load increase.

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