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Apparatus and method for feeding stacks of multiple tags to a sewing machine in automated closure and tagging of bags

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8146520.

A tag feeding apparatus for use with a bag-closing and tag-applying sewing machine in order to attach multiple tags to each bag in a sequence of bags delivered to the sewing machine for closing of each bag and simultaneous attachment of the multiple tags by sewing the bag and the multiple tags together along edges of the bag at an opening thereof. A tag spreader of the apparatus is arranged to receive a stack of a plurality of different tags that are distinct from one another and stacked together in a face-to-face grouping and is arranged to displace the different tags relative to one another along faces of the tags to project each tag partially outward from an adjacent tag next thereto in the grouping of tags. The presence of each tag on the closed bag is easily confirmed visually by the projection of one tag outward from the others.

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