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Integrated LDO with variable resistive load

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8143868.

To provide adequate compensation for a wide range of output loads, a low dropout (LDO) regulator has an amplifier, a pass transistor, a voltage divider, a compensation network, and a control circuit. The amplifier outputs a comparison result according to a reference signal and a feedback signal. The pass transistor generates an output current based on the comparison result of the amplifier. The voltage divider generates the feedback signal according to the output current. The compensation network couples the output of the pass transistor to a low-impedance node of the amplifier, and has a compensation capacitor and a variable resistor coupled to the compensation capacitor. The control circuit is coupled to the input of the pass transistor and to the variable resistor for controlling resistance of the variable resistor according to the output current of the pass transistor.

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