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Wind turbine generator

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8137052.

A wind turbine generator assembly comprising a support tower and a turbine assembly mounted in a downwind position with respect to the support tower. The turbine assembly comprises a cowling assembly and a spoked wheel having a plurality of relatively short blades mounted radially outward with respect to and downwind the cowling assembly. Each blade has an airfoil cross-sectional configuration of a predetermined structure to provide lift. The bladed wheel is coupled to a generator to produce electricity. The support tower has an upper tower portion having a biased hinge assembly with respect to the lower tower position to permit the turbine to pivot in high wind conditions. The support tower further has a rotating mechanism above the lower tower portion and below the biased hinge assembly to allow the turbine to rotate with respect to wind direction and a pivot assembly is provided to permit the turbine assembly to be brought to ground level for erecting and maintenance purposes.

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