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Base-station cell design method and base-station cell design apparatus, and program thereof in mobile communication system

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8135421.

The above base-station cell design method is for sequentially adding base stations, and a technique of which throughput is few is employed for a radio-wave propagation characteristic evaluation to be made in this addition, and a technique of which the throughput is much, but which is of high-precision, more specifically, a technique such as the ray tracing is applied for the radio-wave propagation characteristic evaluation to be made after addition. The result of the high-precision radio-wave propagation characteristic evaluation to be made after this addition is put to practical use for estimating an interference quantity in selecting the arrangement location of the base station to be added newly. This allows the quantity of the radio wave analytic processing, which accounts for a large majority of the base-station cell design processing, to be reduced, thus enabling a fast base-station cell design.

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