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System and method for voice transmission over network protocols

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8135045.

A system and method for voice transmission over high level network protocols. On the Internet and the World Wide Web, such high level protocols are HTTP/TCP. The restrictions imposed by firewalls and proxy servers are avoided by using HTTP level connections to transmit voice data. In addition, packet delivery guarantees are obtained by using TCP instead of UDP. Variable compression based on silence detection takes advantage of the natural silences and pauses in human speech, thus reducing the delays in transmission caused by using HTTP/TCP. The silence detection includes the ability to bookend the voice data sent with small portions of silence to insure that the voice sounds natural. Finally, the voice data is transmitted to each client computer independently from a common circular list of voice data, thus insuring that all clients will stay current with the most recent voice data. The combination of these features enables simple, seamless, and interactive Internet conferencing.

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