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Communication apparatus enabling temporal coexistence of systems

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8135027.

A communication apparatus, which is capable of allowing a plurality of communication systems respectively having different types of communication modes to coexist with one another on a single communication medium, satisfying Qos requirements with the use of only a simple configuration thereof, and minutely setting an exclusive use rate of a medium, is provided. A coexistence signal cycle T 209 is divided into M time periods by a communication slot unit 207 which is constituted of N communication slots. At least one communication slot in the communication slot unit 207 is defined as a "D-Slot" which can obtain a communication right M/X times during the coexistence signal cycle T 209, and remaining communication slots other than the D-Slot in the communication slot unit 207 is defined as "S-Slots" which can obtain the communication right M times during the coexistence signal cycle T 209. A communication band to be used exclusively in one communication system is allocated in a unit of 1/X of the communication slot D-Slot, and also in a unit of one of the communication slots S-Slots.

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