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Display device and display method

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8134773.

A display device includes: an optical cell including: a first electrode; a second electrode; an ion conduction layer facing the first electrode and the second electrode and containing a mobile ion; and a first nanostructure provided between the first electrode and the ion conduction layer and being electrically connected to the first electrode. The first nanostructure has a first plasmon resonance wavelength in a visible light region and contains a first metal element. A first metal compound layer which contains the first metal element contained in the first nanostructure and has a refractive index different from a refractive index of the ion conduction layer is formed on at least a part of a surface of the first nanostructure by applying a voltage between the first electrode and the second electrode. An amount of the first metal compound layer is different between in a first state in which a first voltage is applied between the first electrode and the second electrode and in a second state in which a second voltage different from the first voltage is applied between the first electrode and the second electrode.

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