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Imaging system, imaging apparatus, portable terminal apparatus, onboard apparatus, medical apparatus and method of manufacturing the imaging system

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #8134609.

An imaging system is provided and includes: an imaging lens; an imaging device; a coefficient storage section; and a signal processing section. When a maximum diameter of an effective region of a point image projected onto a light receiving surface of the imaging device through the imaging lens 10 is a size covering three or more pixels, a restoration coefficient corresponding to a state of the point image expressed by first image data output from the imaging device is stored in the coefficient storage unit. The signal processing section executes restoration processing on the first image data output from the imaging device by utilizing the restoration coefficient stored in the coefficient storage unit, the restoration processing being executed to generate second image data equivalent to the first image data output from the imaging device when the resolving power of the imaging lens is higher. The imaging lens has a first lens group, which includes at least one lens and has a positive power, and a second lens group, which includes at least one lens and in which a lens positioned closest to the image side has a negative power, in order from the object side.

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