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Semiconductor device including a p-type transistor having extension regions in sours and drain regions and method of fabricating the same

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8134159.

A semiconductor device according to one embodiment includes: a semiconductor layer formed on a semiconductor substrate; a gate electrode formed on the semiconductor layer via a gate insulating film; an impurity diffusion suppression layer formed between the semiconductor substrate and the semiconductor layer and including a C-containing Si-based crystal containing a first impurity, the C-containing Si-based crystal being configured to suppress diffusion of a second impurity having a p-type conductivity type, and the C-containing Si-based crystal with the first impurity having a function of suppressing generation of fixed charge in the C-containing Si-based crystal; and p-type source/drain regions formed in the semiconductor substrate, the impurity diffusion suppression layer and the semiconductor layer in sides of the gate electrode, the p-type source/drain region having an extension region in the semiconductor layer and containing the second impurity.

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