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Varying fluoroelastomer cure across the roller to maximize fuser roller life

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8133574.

In accordance with the invention, there are image forming apparatus, fuser members, and methods of making fuser members. The method of making a fuser member can include providing a substrate having a longitudinal axis, providing a first flow coating solution including a fluoroelastomer polymer, and providing a second flow coating solution including a crosslinking agent. The method can also include mixing the first flow coating solution and the second flow coating solution to form a third flow coating solution and forming a continuous fluoroelastomer layer over a surface of the substrate by applying the third flow coating solution onto the substrate in a spiral pattern, wherein the crosslinking agent concentration can be varied along the longitudinal axis by changing the ratio of the first flow coating solution and the second flow coating solution in the third flow coating solution.

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