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Photo nanoimprint lithography

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #8133427.

The present invention is directed to providing a photo nanoimprint lithography which can form a more uniform base layer. A photo nanoimprint lithography according to the present invention includes the steps of discretely applying a photo-curable resist drop-wise onto a substrate, filling an asperity pattern of a mold with the photo-curable resist by bringing the mold having the asperity pattern formed therein into contact with the photo-curable resist, curing the photo-curable resist by irradiating the resist with a light and releasing from the mold the photo-curable resist which has been photo-cured, wherein an intermediary layer is formed on a surface of the substrate for maintaining a discrete placement of the photo-curable resist that has been instilled drop-wise on the substrate until the mold is brought into contact with the photo-curable resist that has been instilled drop-wise on the substrate.

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