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Disposable wearing article

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8133343.

A method comprising a step of manufacturing an elastic laminated body by laminating two webs and while inserting an elastic member in an extended state in a web length direction in between; a step of cutting the elastic laminated body in a length direction so that a concave portion and a convex portion appear alternately; a step of attaching a cover sheet to bridge between the concave portion and the convex portion of cut first elastic laminated body and second elastic laminated body, respectively; a step of widening the first elastic laminated body and the second elastic laminated body to which the cover sheet is attached; and a step of attaching an absorber onto the cover sheet, lessens the occurrence of wrinkles and creases produced when webs are cut, and eliminates a problem attributed to the occurrence of wrinkles and arising when an absorber is attached.

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